Teaching with CodeYourFuture

The aim of this workshop is to give “Intro to Coding” students support whilst they study some basic technical and soft skills as well as sharing insights into the tech industry and inspiring students to continue with their self-study. Students attending the session may be first timers or returners. They will have registered for the intro to coding course and should have seen and started working on the course material

The goal of this course is to:

  • Provide a tech foundation in the world of programming through the development of HTML and CSS skills.

  • Improve applicant’s self-learning skills as well as the ability to work and research problems online.

  • Provide exposure to online tools and remote collaboration.

  • Offer introduction of opportunities within the software development and the tech industry.

  • Understand the level of interest and capabilities of participants in programming.

  • Offer education paths into programming and exposure to role models from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Guide participant’s ability to work individually and in teams.

  • Analyse participant’s ability to take ownership of small digital projects.

Teaching values and Guideline

At CodeYourFuture we believe in empowering our students by providing them with the support and guidance they need to excel. We work to achieve this by encouraging students to work together as teams and to practice problem solving together to overcome challenges. This builds the fundamental skills needed to learn and succeed on any of the CodeYourFuture courses and on into a professional career. Some principles should be applied when supporting students on the “intro to coding” course:

  • Be positive; build on students’ successes.

  • Be patient and understanding; students on this course come from a variety of backgrounds and it may take some longer than others to accomplish tasks.

  • Encourage self-learning and teamwork; students should be encouraged to work together to solve problems, these skills are vital for long-term success.

  • Praise and support; the main objective of the intro to coding course is to build the confidence of students and show them that they are capable of learning these skills.

  • Encourage everybody to talk, leaving questions open to answer will lead to only a few participants dominating the conversation. Try to encourage everybody to participate by inviting individuals to answer direct questions.