New Starters

Students who have not progressed on course content and need support getting started.

New Starters and students who are attending a workshop without having begun any of the coursework. This is absolutely fine although we do encourage students to work on the coursework before attending. This session is split into two activities; a presentation and a practical session.

The purpose of the presentation is to introduce students to CodeYourFuture and the Intro to Coding course, demonstrating how to register (some students may have already done this), what steps there are to complete the course, and how to get support. The practical session will introduce students to Sololearn and give students an opportunity to work together with the support of a TA on these first steps.

Registering new student

Before starting the practical session, Get all new students to screenshare and spend 10-15minutes registering everyone that have not signed up on the website:


Practical Session

This section will contain an outline of how to run a session using screensharing

  • Volunteers should encourage students to ask and answer questions

  • We still expect students to do this by themselves in order to submit the links on their profiles. This is a method for introducing students to the ITC process.

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