Step 4: Build A Personal Home Page

Students who have begun working on the Personal Home Page

The next step for students is to follow these instructions to build a personal home page

These students have completed all of the tutorials up until this point and have started working with more freedom and range. This is a great opportunity to encourage students to be curious and challenge themselves. It's important that they fork the Codepen or they will repeatedly lose all their work. This is a common mistake so make sure everyone has forked their page. Starting from a position of failure is an important piece of this project. Celebrate each time a test is resolved. Under no circumstances fix the tests for the applicants. You are sabotaging them when you do this.

  • Students should be in a position to work out the solutions to their challenges with a small amount of encouragement/guidance. Work with the group to collectively answer questions etc.

  • We value improvements. When students have 'completed' their pages ask how they could improve them and work with them to achieve this

Encourage students to use the screen share to demonstrate their progress and work together as a group to spot mistakes and suggest improvements.

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