Step 1 - Grasshopper

Students who have been working on Google Grasshopper Fundamentals

Step 1

Students in this group should have completed Grasshopper Fundamentals 1

Grasshopper is available on your phone or desktop. Register an account and click through the courses. It takes around 20 minutes for a developer to complete each course. For learners, it could take ten times longer.

This group should answer any questions students have come up with during the tutorials. Log in to the app and share your screen. Work through problems in the group as a team. Talk through the problem while live coding (it's just clicking mostly in the Grasshopper IDE) and then ask your team to screenshare and code along.

Live coding is a valuable way to explain concepts in an engaging and interactive way.

Once the workshop ends, remind participants that they can get further help with the Grasshopper material on the ITD Slack channel. On the channel there will be volunteers who can answer their questions.

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